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We took a small survey to find out what the most common shapes being requested at high end nail salons in 2018 is.  Across the board the most common is Coffin shaped nails. It was almost 2 to one with the nail technicians we talked to from all across the country.  When we started the survey out plan was to plot out a map showing different designs are more popular in specific regions but what we found was that from California to Florida and as far north as North Dakota this was the most popular.  The results didn’t change in middle America as they are the most popular in Colorado and Kansas City.  The close second was Almond shape.

Keep in mind we talked to expert nail professionals not high volume strip mall salons.  The results might be different there.  The point here is that the high end clients are most interested in Coffin shaped nails.  If you have clients that aren’t asking for Coffin shape give it a try and report back to us.  Our guess is that this is the trend in nail design for 2018.

1) Coffin

2) Almond





7) Stiletto