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A popular scheduling software program that is widely used to book nail salon appointments is Vagaro. With this software you can easily gather clients credit card information.  They do a great job processing charges.  If the client doesn’t show you can charge them.  If they get a service then you have all their information already in the computer system and it’s easy and quick to process.  It runs great as a mobile application.  The question remains should you require a deposit.  Or should you have their credit card information to reserve an appointment.  And should you charge for missed appointments and if so how much should you charge.  We looked at a popular Facebook group of industry professionals for their take on the subject.  Disclaimer this is not a blind study.  It’s just the opinion of a random group of professionals who statistically are not relevant meaning it’s not conclusive statistically.  And it doesn’t account for client attitude and the impact it could have on or not have on your business.

The consciousness is that you are entitled to charge the full price of the appointment and that you can simply invoice them using vagaro. Another popular option is to only require a deposit on previous offenders.  So rather than prevent them from continuing to use your salon you take a refundable deposit if they wish to continue using the salon.